Guiding services

Including transport by car or by minivan

Empire Tours was established in 1998 as incoming tourism agency in Prague by Vaclav Lojka. Vaclav Lojka is an English and Spanish speaking guide with historical degree, interested especially in WWII and Holy Roman Empire. Empire Tours was complemented by Patricia Lojkova in 2015 and we changed our legal form to limited corporation.

Our main scope is to offer guiding services in English and Spanish language, including transport by car or by minivan. We can also help you with the accommodation.

We are specialized in private tours for little groups from 1 to 6 people. We also do individual groups, travelling by bus, for 20-60 people. Really special from us is a trip according results of genealogical research.

Our area is Prague, Czech Republic and European capitals and big cities of the former Holy Roman Empire - Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, Dresden, etc. We are able to do trips in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Our experience and skills combined together allows us to do tailor-made trips for individuals and for small or big groups. We have skilled partners in entire Europe to offer you the best. Photographers in Prague, librarians with a historical lecture, hockey players, Christianity or Judaism exploring, a ride to explore the assassination of R.Heydrich, delicious wine tasting - a small sample of our work.

Most popular

What is the most popular choice from our clients? To spend 4 days in Prague and Czech Republic. Have a look here. Don’t miss it!

Why the name Empire Tours?

Company name is based on the EMPIRE on Czech Republic territory. It was an independent kingdom as a part of the Holy Roman EMPIRE, later Austrian – Hungarian EMPIRE. All these ancient empires included historical territories or their parts, which form today modern states as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy. All these territories have something in common, all these countries have something different.

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