Dear customers,

Let me tell you few words about myself.

I was born in Slovakia, a little country that has been established in 1993 from Czechoslovakia. I lived there till 2014. I worked in IT business as system analyst for 20 years. One of my tasks, was set up the projects from their beginning up to their end. 

In my free time, I organized meetings and trips for my entire family and for my classmates. The number of participants started at 10 people.

I married Vaclav Lojka and moved to Prague. I decided to change my job and to work together with my husband Vaclav.

I enjoy preparing events from the beginning to the end. It’s the same as in the IT business, as well as organizing trips and meetings.

I am doing it with love and passion and I would be happy to set up your itinerary. We want to create for you unforgettable memories, bringing deep relax and positive attitude to your life.