We offer you to make you your own tailor-made itinerary. We specialize in private tours – the classic ones as well as the genealogical ones. We’re able to do this!

If you choose to come with us, the price will be deducted from what you pay for your trip. Along with the itinerary, you will receive a Voucher for your trip, with a validity period of up to 18 months after the itinerary has been sent.

Our area is Prague, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and countries of the former Holy Roman Empire – Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Sample of our work:

“Hi, Patricia, we would like to spend 8 days in Central Europe. There will be 5 of us, me and my husband, my parents and my son. We would like to see Auschwitz, maybe Krakow, and go to Prague and have some full day trips from there. We are happy to make your suggestions.”

Our job is to do suggestion of basic itinerary – what to see, how to go through the way, day by day.

In case of special trips we’ll send you a preview of your route on the map.

We’re setting the price individually according to the scope of our work. For example the itinerary for 4 people to spend 4 days is around 60 EUR.

Terms and conditions