Duration: 4 hours 
Topic: arts, architecture

Day with arts is a walking trip including the transport between places. You will spend with us one full day of art in Prague. 

You will taste the city of Prague at the Secession period by admiring the marvelous decoration of The Municipal House. This building is one of architectural treasures of Prague, its exterior as well as the interior. 

To keep on the subject of Art Nouveau, you will visit The Alfons Mucha Museum. Not only a set of posters from his internationally celebrated period of artistic life, in Paris (1887 – 1904), can be seen there. Also some furniture, and photos featuring his family and friends too. 

We will take you to the unique space of The Museum Kampa (Sovovy Mlyny), which includes three different collections of modern art.

This is the end of the 4 hours trip.

In the afternoon, we can optionally arrange the tickets and the transfer in/out to the National Gallery of Prague. It’s a place where you can admire several hundred artistic works from the last two centuries, among others, the Bohemian realist and naturalist Jakub Schikaneder. His paintings reflect an observance of social issues. Many of his works feature Prague, including the famous Murder in the House, set in Prague‘s Jewish quarter.

In the evening, we can optionally arrange the tickets and the transfer in/out to a performance. Let’s discover the masterpieces of Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, Leos Janacek or world known composers in the magnificent places of Prague as the National Theatre, Rudolfinum, Municipal House, the Spanish Synagogue and others. You can chose from a ballet, an opera, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and others.