Duration: 4-6 hours
Topic: history

Prague Castle is the first thing, which pops up in your mind, when you say Prague. It is a symbol of Prague, its royal history and its days of glory in the story of the Holy Roman Empire. This is a walking tour and could be provided with transport from / to castle. 

We will drive you through all of 5 quarters of Prague by car or minivan. It means Old Town, New Town, Jewish Quarter, Lesser Quarter and Prague Castle Town. You will get an overview of the city and its principal sights. Tour finishes by short walking in Prague Castle area and seeing St. Vitus Cathedral and Old Royal Palace.

Prague Castle is not only one building. It is a vast complex of noble seats and royal palaces, one of the biggest castle complexes in the World. 

You will see and feel its Czech, Italian, German and French architecture by walking through Prague Castle Town and Prague Castle Complex. You will see the Strahov Monastery from 12th century and Loreto, a pilgrim church built by Lobkowitz noble family in 17th and 18th century. You will see the St.Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St.George Basilica and all of the courtyards of Prague Castle Complex. You will walk through Golden Lane with its typical cozy ambience. The house no. 22 was inhabited by the writer Franz Kafka in the years 1916-1917.

You will visit the Lesser Quarter, former home of craftsmen and merchants, who lived just beneath the Castle.

A private visit into Strahov Library Rooms could be included. Strahov Library is one of the 10 most beautiful libraries in the World. It is located in Strahov Monastery complex from 12th century.